Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 12 Fashion Faves

Top 12 random fashion faves right now:

1. STRIPED STUFF drapey or fitted T's, tunics - either way if it's got stripes I pretty much like it

2. TIGHTS Forever 21 and H & M have the best and most inexpensive selection around

3. TUNICS These are great over tights/leggings/skinny jeans

4. DRAPEY SWEATERS The perfect way to jazz up a plain old T and necklace (i.e. DKNY Cozy)

5. FLAT BOOTS They go with everything and look amazingly unexpected with dresses

6. LIL BAGS The kind that go across the body and fit your essentials.... it's a nice break from
finding a place to put your clutch when out

7. RIDING PANTS not tights yet not as thin as leggings.. great with tunics or drapey tops

8. ANKLE BOOTIES Adds some edge to any ensemble especially leggings or dresses

9. COCKTAIL RINGS Look beautiful with a simple nude mani... the more the merrier

10. BELTS An easy way to transform anything from a plain cardigan to an LBD.. period

I would love to know what are some of your faves??


  1. i always love tights/leggings, boots, heels, studded items and hi waist :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!
    I like your current favs! I'm loving long sleeved mini dresses!

  3. thanks for your comment!
    i am a big fan of cocktail rings too, & faux fur has to be one of my favs - coats, shrugs, vests...

  4. Haha, I'm currently obsessed with everything you listed actually!

  5. riding boots; angle booties; cocktail rings; drapey sweaters- AGREE!
    hope you get some under your tree girll!
    p.s. gorgeouss blog!

  6. love your current favorites, esp. the cocktail rings! i need to get some to pile on like the Olsens! i love sequins and hotpants! xo, Mel

  7. thank you everyone for your sweet comments!
    xo, Amanda

  8. Great list - I'm coveting stripes and cocktail rings at the moment :)

  9. my list would be pretty much exactly the same + anything with bows or tulle and scarves. living in my scarves + some form of skinny bottom and tunic top.