Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Casual

LOVING these CASUAL easy styles... especially Cameron.. so laid back and CHIC

Amanda Lalique


I had the pleasure of interviewing celebrity stylist, Luke Storey. I decided to break it into a mini series of posts. Luke gives very thorough answers to many questions about styling. Enjoy!

What made you decide to create the class when most stylists don't like to share insider tips and tricks?

Well, I simply do not believe in scarcity, and I know there is plenty of work for everyone. Stylists like to keep what we do all mysterious and esoteric because perhaps they feel that if everyone learns the ins and outs of styling that they will end up out! As I said, all careers in art are about the survival of the fittest. The only variation on that theme in my opinion is the principle " It's all about who you know". This of course helps, but if you are totally devoid of talent you still won't last long as a stylist even if you get a few lucky breaks by using your connections.

How will School Of Style impact the careers of future/current stylists? Aren't you creating more competition for yourself and your peers?

I have to admit, the stylist friends that I share the idea for School Of Style with are usually not exactly ecstatic about the prospect of filling the streets with yet more stylists. What I tell all of them, and my classes is this: Yes, it's true that the field is pretty over-saturated. However as with any area of art, I have always believed the strong will survive. I mean look at the Rolling Stones, you know? How many amazing bands have come out since 1963? Thousands, of course. Has the success of all of the other artists who have flooded the recording artist market diminished The Stones' success? Obviously not. So in the same way the top dog ,veteran stylists that are at the top of their game now will have to work hard to stay on top, and yes, a small percentage of them will be displaced by the young upstarts who are gaining momentum today. The most talented, driven, and persistent graduates of School Of Style will rise up, and the others will perhaps find some other career in fashion that they are better suited for.
So I think School Of Style is heating things up a little, which is always healthy in any community of artists.

Amanda Lalique