Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heels with appeal

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I really love a shoe that looks beautiful and is comfortable. The days of suffering to look good are over (well they have been for a while now). I stumbled upon these "Bonfire" peep toe heels in black leather (or black suede). It just happened to be their Friends and Family sale so I bought them and got 30 % off. Who could resist right? I wore them that night to my brother's birthday at a club ( yep a club) and they are THE most comfortable shoes ever. Even with a 4 inch heel my feet weren't sore at all!

Naturally, my friend Sabina found them in the perfect nude shade (she is obsessed with the nude color) in suede for only $ 48.99 on their website. So...... I ordered them online (almost immediately) .... one pair for myself and the other for her... and wait, FREE shipping. SCORE. Thank you!