Thursday, December 17, 2009

Portfolio Throwback

Photoshoots are a lot of fun ! They are a lot of work and preparation, but when you see the final images you almost forget about all of that. I did this shoot with one of my favorite photographers Andres Razo. I was lucky to be part of a grea team of professionals. Mitzi Druss did hair and makeup, Thanh Ngu assisted me with styling, and Jeff Crooymans assisted Andres Razo with photography. It's also attributed to the fact that the models are so stunning they could wear a paper bag and look good (the image quality isn't quite as good on here but wanted to post).

You will probably recognize Kristen Kassinger and Whitney Oliver since they both work all the time!! I see Kristen Kassinger on the Forever21 website all the time. Also be sure to check out Andres Razo's work here

Enjoy and feel free to leave any comments!


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