Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sweet treat

When I have a sweet tooth I often make this snack and it is really satisfying!  I mix FAGE Total
Greek Yogurt 0 % (it is super tart) with some sweet things like walnuts, semi sweet chocolate chips, Agave, and some fun fruit.  Simple, sweet, and a lot healthier than eating ice cream =)

Any healthier treats you enjoy??


Monday, September 9, 2013

Eco Station Fun

On Sunday, Daniel and I took Alexa to the Eco Station in Culver City.  It is a wonderful place that rescues exotic animals from harmful circumstances/people and gives them a wonderful happy life there.  It was really nice to see the animals in such good care and learn all about them.  There were so many different kinds of animals, was so surprised to see an alligator, large black Pacu fish, iguanas, a beautiful Bobcat, amongst so many others.  Just super cool. 

We had a great time, will definitely go again!  The day we went there were booths with games, a bounce house, and all kinds of fun things to do for the kiddos.  I highly recommend visiting here in the future.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Two years ago, my husband Daniel and I became parents to the our amazing, precious little girl Alexa.  The past two years have been so amazing and life changing.  She has captured our hearts forever and it's been such an adventurous journey watching her grow.   I am truly grateful for our little family.  

As for my blog, it has evolved into more of a lifestyle blog.   I'm a busy wife and mama on the go so my blog will reflect my new lifestyle.   I am still a fashionista at heart, but in a very different way than I was before.  As a busy mama, I dress more laid back and casual.   Comfort is key and I really appreciate a good deal.  I prefer practical and stylish clothes that are fun and versatile so I can wear them over and over in different ways.

I have re discovered my passion for cooking and enjoy creating healthy new recipes for my family.   I give a lot of credit to Pinterest, a website where I get many of my creative inspirations.  I will blog about recipes, family, fashion, beauty, and anything else that inspires me.  I hope you enjoy!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:


Here's to a new chapter!!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hello all... I know it's been ages and ages since I've blogged. I've really wanted to post lately and missed blogging. So a friend of mine has this amazing line of shoes called United Nude, which are kind of a big deal, so I really wanted to post about them! These shoes are quickly becoming a favorite among celebrities and fashionistas. They have an architectural feel and don't look like anything you have seen. You can click on the above images to make them bigger so you can read it....
I hope everyone has been doing well and keeping busy!! There will definitely be more posts from me.

Amanda Lalique

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday 2010 Gift Guide, Part 1

Sequin Sparkle sweater from Love 21, a sophisticated line from Forever 21. Has a more modest fit and a GREAT price at $29.80.

Recycled bottle platters for the naturalista...
Find them and unique things at

Free People Slouchy Tall Socks $28 freepeople

Fun personalized thank you cards... shutterfly. Great prices too.

Old Navy embellished V-Neck Cardigan, $ 29.50

Drapey Sequin tank. J Crew.
I am lusting for this one myself... in either warm taupe (above) or white ash.
Amazing piece. Endless possibilities.

Essie Smokin' Hot, part of Winter 2010 collection

BEST lip gloss set..... amazing SHEER colors, nudes, not sticky or glittery. For $29 you get six colors... can gift or keep some for you :)
*I bought this for me and every shade is DIVINE.

Now you can take Trish Number 9 with you... Roll on $ 25..
(Other Trish fragrances avail in roll on form)

Gold rope necklace, Forever 21

For the glamourista, Daisy by Marc jacobs, perfume ring, $ 40

For the naturalista, Kiehl's Delights set, $40
For the feminista (just made this up) try this amazing luxe, stretch bracelet from Forever 21....
At $14.80 you won't break the bank.

For the fashionable frugalista, dressy headband, Forever 21..

Well, hello lovelies. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This is my favorite time of year. I've been eating amazing Thanksgiving leftovers since Thursday and the holiday season is truly here.

The list can go on and on..... Less is more and I love getting fun lil gifts.
The holiday is really about hanging out and being together and it is truly better to give than receive..... but don't get me wrong I
love fun gifts just as much as the next girl :)

Amanda Lalique

Monday, November 15, 2010


I found these shots by Mario Testino's on FashionGoneRogue (such a GREAT site)... this shoot is so inspiring... not only do I love the gold ensembles but these are some of my absolute favorite models of all time. I don't expect anything less from Mario Testino... he is amazing. The rest of this shoot will be featured in the December Star issue of Vogue UK.

Amanda Lalique

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I googled images of fashionista Olivia Palermo and these are amongst the many, many stylish ensembles I found. Olivia has a unique blend of modern prep with an easy edge and femininity that I love. She is quite the mix master and I love how she can make the simplest of outfits look so CHIC. She loves to play with fashion and I love seeing what she comes up with.

What I really admire is how she makes a look, her own. She embraces trends but isn't a slave to them.

Amanda Lalique