Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok, other than a little shine, she looks BRILLIANT. I love her hair and makeup.. so glowy and pretty.
Amanda Lalique

Sunday, June 27, 2010



Source: FashionGoneRogue
Georgia May Jagger for Vogue China July

Wow, Mick's daughter is GORGEOUS.. Watch out
Amanda Lalique

Thursday, June 24, 2010


OK total highlight crush~is this possible? I am bringing this photo to my fabulous hairdresser next appointment!

My fave lip gloss is SMOOCHES by Mark from AVON.
It's a shiny NUDE shimmer that tastes a bit like mint.
For $6.00 I like it even more :)

Been wearing this necklace NONSTOP ever since I found it at
Forever 21... For $6.80 it's a total gem

Sorry for the funny pose but I absolutely ADORE my vanity where I get ready each day.
I will post close up shots once I find the perfect vintage stool to go with.
(I love the lil photos of my hubby and I on the side)

Nude shoes + hot pink toes....
blue might be the "it" color but my staple is
"Secret Stash" by Essie

How amazing is this black top with lace detail ??
I love that it feels like a T shirt, looks sexy, has cut out shoulders, and is LONGER in the back... LAID BACK sexy.

Amanda Lalique

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Casual

LOVING these CASUAL easy styles... especially Cameron.. so laid back and CHIC

Amanda Lalique


I had the pleasure of interviewing celebrity stylist, Luke Storey. I decided to break it into a mini series of posts. Luke gives very thorough answers to many questions about styling. Enjoy!

What made you decide to create the class when most stylists don't like to share insider tips and tricks?

Well, I simply do not believe in scarcity, and I know there is plenty of work for everyone. Stylists like to keep what we do all mysterious and esoteric because perhaps they feel that if everyone learns the ins and outs of styling that they will end up out! As I said, all careers in art are about the survival of the fittest. The only variation on that theme in my opinion is the principle " It's all about who you know". This of course helps, but if you are totally devoid of talent you still won't last long as a stylist even if you get a few lucky breaks by using your connections.

How will School Of Style impact the careers of future/current stylists? Aren't you creating more competition for yourself and your peers?

I have to admit, the stylist friends that I share the idea for School Of Style with are usually not exactly ecstatic about the prospect of filling the streets with yet more stylists. What I tell all of them, and my classes is this: Yes, it's true that the field is pretty over-saturated. However as with any area of art, I have always believed the strong will survive. I mean look at the Rolling Stones, you know? How many amazing bands have come out since 1963? Thousands, of course. Has the success of all of the other artists who have flooded the recording artist market diminished The Stones' success? Obviously not. So in the same way the top dog ,veteran stylists that are at the top of their game now will have to work hard to stay on top, and yes, a small percentage of them will be displaced by the young upstarts who are gaining momentum today. The most talented, driven, and persistent graduates of School Of Style will rise up, and the others will perhaps find some other career in fashion that they are better suited for.
So I think School Of Style is heating things up a little, which is always healthy in any community of artists.

Amanda Lalique

Monday, June 21, 2010

Love Me Some Editorials

Photo Credit: Noir Facade via Studded Hearts blog (Kate Moss for W Magazine)

Photo Credit: All except the Kate Moss at top from FashionGoneRogue

Don't you love when you have a fresh stack of
magazines and a cup of your fave coffee?
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I don't shop here but a girl can dream right?
For more check out
Their catalogue is amazing (minus the fur)
Amanda Lalique

Loving this Top

I don't normally do outfit posts but when I found this amazing top from LF Boutique I HAD to.
This cream top is so versatile. I paired it with my denim top from gap and with my army green jacket and it looks great. This is definitely a wardrobe staple for me.
I love anything that can be dressed up or down. What are some of your fave looks?
Amanda Lalique

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hi everyone, here's an extra special post. I had the opportunity to get real answers about the world of styling from celebrity stylist, Luke Storey. If you have ever wondered about styling this interview may answer some of your questions. Here's the first part of my interview posts.... ENJOY! How has creating School Of Style impacted your life?

The school has just been so fun for me over the last year and a half. It's been a tremendous learning experience just starting a company from thin air and having it actually work! There are certain things as a stylist that you just never have to deal with, that come along with owning a school. There is an unbelievable amount of administrative work, which for an "artist" type like myself is quite challenging. So the impact has been mostly in the area called "the office". In terms of actually teaching the classes, this comes very naturally to me. I have been training assistant for 10 years. The only difference is that I train between 10-20 at a time now, and they pay me rather than the other way around. The real satisfaction for me comes when I see our graduates out there doing their own jobs, or landing great assistant styling gigs. I got an email from one of our graduates from San Francisco a couple days ago, and she's in New York on a job with a HUGE stylist as I type. That's where the magic is in the teaching gig.

Stay tuned readers, I will post more amazing insight directly from my interview with Luke Storey!

LA,CA 90036


Love how she rocks simple T's, great gladiators, and neutral tones... GORGEOUS style without
trying too hard.
Always looks great.
Amanda Lalique