Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Joie top, Millau top with studded belt from LF, Forever 21 top and necklace

YUMM this is my new fave top...so versatile

Joie top... great luxury bohemian line

Rock a vest or little jacket over this Free People top

Marc by Marc Jacobs t-great with jeans

American Apparel fave- gray Raglan top (goes with everything)

Pair this with a tank underneath and throw on a jacket or rock it with a vest

F 21 necklace... kinda reminded me of Chanel Camelias....love it

Make it more boho with a simple brown belt

Couldn't resist- had to throw on a cardigan (from F21) to complete the look

When you have a few key pieces, there are endless possibilities for your wardrobe. Personally, I have collected what seems to be endless amounts of cardigans and little jackets, and could really use some underpinnings to layer beneath. In the past few months, I have recently bought the tops you see above. My favorites are the FABULOUS and VERSATILE leopard top from LF and the simple white top from Forever 21. Lately, these along with American Apparel and Crossroads have been my go to stores for fun pieces.

What could you use in your wardrobe??

Amanda Lalique


I just wanted to thank you all for checking out my blog and your sweet comments! I started this blog a couple months ago as a creative outlet and it's been so much fun. I really love finding other blogs and inspirations as it helps bring out my own creativity. It's amazing how universal art and fashion are, and that you can share the same interests and passions with people from all over the world!

Thank you all for your support with my blog!


Amanda Lalique