Friday, September 6, 2013

Two years ago, my husband Daniel and I became parents to the our amazing, precious little girl Alexa.  The past two years have been so amazing and life changing.  She has captured our hearts forever and it's been such an adventurous journey watching her grow.   I am truly grateful for our little family.  

As for my blog, it has evolved into more of a lifestyle blog.   I'm a busy wife and mama on the go so my blog will reflect my new lifestyle.   I am still a fashionista at heart, but in a very different way than I was before.  As a busy mama, I dress more laid back and casual.   Comfort is key and I really appreciate a good deal.  I prefer practical and stylish clothes that are fun and versatile so I can wear them over and over in different ways.

I have re discovered my passion for cooking and enjoy creating healthy new recipes for my family.   I give a lot of credit to Pinterest, a website where I get many of my creative inspirations.  I will blog about recipes, family, fashion, beauty, and anything else that inspires me.  I hope you enjoy!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:


Here's to a new chapter!!


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  1. looking forward to all the fun things you will blog! Congrats!