Friday, January 15, 2010


Target has been unstoppable when it comes to tapping some of the most talented designers to collaborate with, and now they’ve got Eugenia Kim, the queen of hats, on board, along with shoe, bag, and clothing maven Cynthia Vincent.

Each of the two designers will be launching a limited edition collection for Spring 2010 for the retailer. The Eugenia Kim for Target collection will mark the first hat launch in a series of limited-time-only accessory designers for Target, and will be hitting stores and the web April 18th through June 20th (hopefully some knit hats!). The Cynthia Vincent for Target collection is the fifth footwear launch, and will be available at Target stores nationwide and at beginning April 18 through July 1st. Some of the Cynthia Vincent pieces will reportedly be online exclusives.

I cannot wait to see the Zac Posen's collection (that is if I can make it in and it's not totally sold out)! Go Target!!!!

Source : TFS (Article and pics)


  1. I love Target. Can't wait to see these lines.

  2. So excited to see what they have! Wish they would offer pre-order on the Cynthia Vincent stuff... and I haven't even seen what it is!