Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top 12 Random list

So, I was at home the other day and I made a to do list. Nothing new. That list, however, led to another list. I then realized how much I love making lists and checking things off. Here is my top 12 list of simple things I really enjoy. I decided to limit it to just 12 or it would have been the never-ending list....

1. Making lists
2. Los Olivos getaways with my hubby
3. Gourmet coffee creamers
4. My mom's homemade stuffing
5. brunch with girlfriends
6. Manis and spa pedis while reading fashion mags
(while sipping vanilla latte)
7. Lazy weekend mornings under covers w/ window open
8. TIVO (90210, Mad Men, Nip Tuck)
9. Sushi with my hubby at Tokyo Ice
(mmmm... Amanda Rolls)
10. Awesome sales/ thrifted deals
11. Skipping lines
12. Driving- windows down music up :)-

Looks like food plays a huge role in the things that I enjoy. What about you??

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